Do you have a Birthday coming up?

Why not host an Xtreme Birthday party in one of our designated Party areas for either under 5 or Over 5 year old children.

There are three available sessions each opening day.

Available Party time slots are:




You are given access to your own party area for 90 minutes, with an extra 15 minutes prior to your booked time if you have booked a BYO Food party.

Your party guests will have access to the floor for a total of 2 hours.


  Standard BYO FOOD party package:              $180.00

  What’s Included?

  • Your own designated party area for 90 minutes
  • Wrist bands to provide entry onto the inflatables for a maximum of 12 children, for a 2 hour session
  • Your table set with your choice of either bottled juice or bottled water for each child

Optional Extras:

Platter 1

  • Chips with tomato/BBQ sauce

Platter 2

  • Wedges with S/cream and S/C sauce

Platter 3

  • Chips & Nuggets (24 nuggets)

Platter 4

  • Sandwich Selection

Platter 5

  • Cheese and Crackers (with Dip)

Platter 6

  • Fruit Selection

Other Party Options

Party Pack

  • 2 bowls of lollies, 2 bowls of chips

Softdrink Jugs

  • Cola, Orange, Raspberry, Lemonade

Slushies for All

  • Raspberry or Orange
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